New referrals

In order to be referred you will first need to make an appointment with a GP.

Chasing referrals

If you are unsuccessful contacting the department/organisation whom you have been referred to, then please contact the surgery.

Referrals to hospital department

If you have other queries regarding your referral, then please contact the Patient Liaison Service (PALs) for the hospital you have been referred to. The contact details for our most referred to hospitals are below. If you have been referred elsewhere, please consult the website of the hospital for this information.

Bedford Hospital01234 795  
Milton Keynes Hospital01908 660  
Northampton Hospital01604 545

Please note: The service cannot see your referral until you attempt to book your appointment. If the service does not have any appointments available to book, this probably means that it is a triage service. Please send the service a message using the text box and they will triage accordingly. Similarly, if the appointments are far in the future, please still book an appointment, as the service may move this forward.