Hearing Aid Clinic

Bedfordshire Hearing Advisory Service visit the practice once a month on a Tuesday between 2.00 and 3.00pm, usually the first Tuesday of the month. This is a free service to help with any hearing aid related problems, including the issue of NHS hearing aid batteries and re-tubing of ear moulds if necessary. Batteries and re-tubing are only available to NHS hearing aid patients.

Assistive equipment demonstrations can also be arranged, so if you need help with the telephone/T.V./radio/doorbell etc., please make an appointment to discuss with the Hearing Advisory Service.

Please ring our reception to book a 10 minute appointment.

For more information visit  www.hhas.org.uk/bedfordshire/

Please also note that the practice has a supply of hearing aid batteries for NHS hearing aids.  You need to bring along your book and old batteries in order to get your replacement batteries.  Thank you.